Thinking about changing up the look and feel of your home? New siding can give your house a distinct look and personality that truly makes it stand out. With our wide variety of styles and colors to choose from, Kingsford Siding is your number one siding installer in the Durham area. Because there are so many options to choose between, it can be hard to know which to pick. That’s why we put together this handy guide to help learn more about the different kinds of siding available.

Vinyl Siding

Vinyl Siding is the most popular option for covering houses today, and for good reason. Choosing vinyl for your house provides you with a lot of flexibility in terms of where you can install it and how you can make it your own. Because it’s so versatile, you can canvas every square inch of your house in it easily. It’s also incredibly low maintenance. In order to clean it, all you need is a hose and a clean cloth. Plus, it’s also durable enough to handle any kind of weather it’s subjected to.

Because of vinyl’s versatility, you can lay it all kinds of different ways to achieve a desired visual effect, and it comes in over 350 colors, so there’s no shortage of options to personalize your home. This versatility is only one reason it’s such a popular option. The main reason that vinyl is the top siding option is that it’s incredibly cheap. That means you won’t have to break the bank to install it, and you’re getting a product that lasts.

Fiber Cement Siding

If you want to add a more contemporary style to your home that emulates the look and feel of wood, fiber cement siding is the way to go. Fiber cement is made of a combination of sand, cement, and cellulose fibers to achieve incredible durability. It has the advantages of being extremely resistant to heat — unlike vinyl siding, which can easily melt when subjected to fire. Fiber cement is incredibly weather resistant and able to stand up to any condition, year after year. It costs more than vinyl, but it has the added bonus of visual appeal and better durability over time. Just like vinyl, fiber cement options are available in a wide array of colors and is easy to repaint when you’re ready for a change.

Vinyl Shake Siding

Vinyl shake siding is composed of wooden shingles crafted from split logs. Because it is made from real wood, it brings strong aesthetics. It can be arranged in a large variety of ways as a result of its unique shape. Plus, it can be used by itself or in conjunction with another kind of siding to achieve your desired look. It’s also environmentally friendly as a result of having a wooden base.

Panelized Stone Siding

Panelized stone is an option that provides a powerful visual impact. Compared to traditional stone installations, it’s much easier to install. Instead of laying stone the old fashioned way, all you have to do is install a series of panels. That means that over the course of a weekend, you can improve the look of your house. Panelized stone is also more lightweight than traditional siding options. That gives you the ability to install it on any surface easily. Because it isn’t traditional stone, no mortar is required — so there’s no mess to clean up. Plus, it’s easier to maintain than traditional stone while keeping a distinct look.

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