Learn How to Remove Your Window Screens & More

Kingsford Vinyl Siding wants to help you learn about how you can better care for your windows. View the helpful videos and links below for more info on how you can properly remove your window screens, including full screens and double-hung sashes.

Find Out What to Do If Your Window Seal Fails

What to do if service is needed on a Kingsford Window

If the window appears foggy on the inside and you cannot clean it outside or inside the home, you will need to locate the sticker on the windows the concern is with and let us know if it is the top glass or bottom glass.

Locating the sticker:

On double-hung windows turn both locks to the right to the unlocked position. Reach up and grab the lift rail on the upper sash and pull it straight down. Look up into the master frame where the sash came out of, there will be a white sticker with a large number in bold black ink that is needed for ordering parts. Please take a picture and provide it in the service request.

Find Out What to Do If Your Window Seal Fails