In our over 25 years as a home finishing specialist, we at Kingsford Siding, Windows, and Patio Rooms have grown from a small home improvement business to a fully staffed home improvement company. We’ve gained invaluable experience and skill and expanded our capabilities quite a lot, but the one thing we always want our clients to know is that even though we offer many services, we truly do specialize in each one of them. We’re not dabblers. We’re professionals in all that we offer. One of Kingsford’s specialties is decking, a capability we’ve provided for years. Building a deck gives us an opportunity to be creative and watch a project take shape, which we had the opportunity to do on a recent project for Ms. Monroe here in Durham. Learn more about the Monroe project below.

New Deck in Durham

For this project, we began by completely removing the existing deck, which was worn from age and not serving Ms. Monroe’s needs. Starting from a clean slate, we built her a brand new deck with treated wood. The deck itself was small, as it was mainly a platform to enter and exit the home. However, it did feature stairs on one side and a ramp for her pets to use easily on the other. We finished the deck with white vinyl railings around the deck and on the stairs and ramp. We made the choice for vinyl due to its ability to hold up long term and be low maintenance.

Kingsford’s Design Capabilities

One aspect of our business that sets us apart and helps on projects like these is our in-house design capabilities. Our designers are able to provide detailed 3D renderings for our clients to allow them to “see” what their deck will look like before building begins. This enables our clients to know what to expect from the project and for us to make any necessary adjustments in the beginning stages based on the client’s feedback. This collaboration always makes for better results.

See this Durham project’s result below.

Monroe Residence Project Spotlight: New Deck in Durham