At Kingsford Siding, Windows, and Patio Rooms, we’re known for our diverse capabilities, but we’re also known for specializing in each one, making us the area’s go-to for full-service home improvement. We’ve always made it our mission to offer quality services to help transform any home. Our goal is to help every homeowner make their dream house a reality. With the help of our in-house design center, we’re able to help homeowners find new ways to enjoy their home by making upgrades or adding outdoor living spaces, which is what we did on our most recent project where we gave this family’s home a whole new look.

New Outdoor Living Area

This project was fairly involved considering we built multiple additions that worked together. We began by designing and building a white, year-round enclosed patio room, seen in the images below. This space included finished floors, up-to-code electrical, and an HVAC mini-split system, giving the family extra square footage to increase the home’s property value and a temperature-controlled room to enjoy the comforts of indoors and the beauty of outdoors at the same time. We then built the deck, made of highly beneficial composite wood, as well as a stair set. These were completed with composite railings and black square balusters. Lastly, we constructed a vinyl pergola to shade the deck. The vinyl option is low maintenance, rot-resistant, and will last for the long haul.

See photos of the finished project below.