If you live in North Carolina, you know exactly how hot it can get in the summer months. Though the sunshine, warm temperatures, and cloudless skies can be fun for beach days and outdoor relaxation, your home should be a place where you can escape the hot air if you need a break. However, if you have old, worn, or damaged windows, the summer heat may end up trickling in while your windows release the cool air produced by your air conditioning.

When this happens, not only does it create an uncomfortably warm environment inside your home, but it also decreases your home’s energy efficiency. After all, if your windows or doors are not doing their job to keep the hot air out and the cool air in, your air conditioning system ends up working double-time to do its job. Ultimately, the outcome of this is a higher AC bill and a less manageable indoor temperature.

Invest In Your Durham, NC Home With New Window Installation Before Summer

As we come into summer, there’s still time to start your new window installation project with Kingsford Home Improvements. Over the years, we have proudly served customers all across Raleigh and Durham, NC to give them the updates they need to keep their home looking and feeling great.

Many of the windows we carry are made with advanced glass and have features such as light protection to provide additional privacy and aid against UV ray damage. Plus, because they are all energy-efficient, they will better insulate your home in both hot and cold weather so that the internal temperature is always reasonable and comfortable.

Though we carry a wide range of windows, we can also customize your replacement windows to suit any space’s unique needs. Whether you’re looking for garden or bay windows or even casement windows, Kingsford is the team that will come through for you.

If you’re interested in increasing your home’s energy efficiency, reducing your AC bill, or investing into your home’s value and appearance, request a consultation today. Our team will discuss your new window installation project with you in-depth so we can fully understand your unique needs and preferences.