Vinyl Siding Debunking Myths and Misconception

Although vinyl siding is one of the most popular siding choices for homeowners, there are myths about its quality and performance. Kingsford, the home improvement company in Raleigh, would like to address the misconceptions.

Myth: Vinyl Siding Lacks Durability

Because vinyl siding is lightweight, homeowners theorize it is weaker and less durable than other types of siding. Today’s vinyl siding is thicker and more robust than its predecessors, thanks to advances in manufacturing techniques and materials. Most vinyl siding can withstand winds up to 110 miles per hour, making it strong enough to withstand most weather conditions. The vinyl siding contractors at Kingsford Home Improvements can install your vinyl siding, and you can be sure that your siding will be durable and long-lasting. 

Myth: Vinyl Siding is an Environmental Hazard

Vinyl siding is an environmentally friendly option. Vinyl siding doesn’t need painting every few years, reducing the use of contaminants. Maintenance consists of power washing with soap and water. Vinyl siding is recyclable and can be melted to create new products, reducing landfill waste.

Myth: Vinyl Siding Lacks Creativity

Some homeowners believe vinyl siding limits creativity and makes their home identical to other vinyl-sided homes in the neighborhood. Vinyl siding has many color options, style types, and textures. Your home will reflect your personal choices of color and style. 

Myth: Vinyl Siding Reduces Home Value

Vinyl siding increases your home’s value due to its durability, low maintenance, and energy efficiency. Installing vinyl siding will recoup about 75% of the cost when the house is sold, making vinyl siding a good investment. Vinyl siding is cost-effective and a popular choice for homeowners. 

Myth: Vinyl Siding Wastes Energy

Vinyl siding is versatile and highly energy-efficient. Insulated vinyl siding retains heat in the winter and cools in the summer. This added insulation conserves energy, makes your home more comfortable, and helps lower energy costs. 

Vinyl siding is the number one choice for siding material because it’s affordable and versatile. Kingsford provides home improvement services in Durham and Raleigh, NC, and offers a wide range of vinyl siding products and services, including installation, vinyl siding repair, and maintenance. Call us today to schedule a free consultation.