Customize Your Dream Patio or Porch Awning Today!

Though we often experience comfortable autumn weather here in Durham, NC, it’s more common to see rainstorms and other inclement weather in the fall months. Without a covered outdoor area, you’re often resigned to sitting in the house during a drizzle when you could be outside breathing in the fresh air.

At Kingsford Home Improvements, our goal is to make your outdoor space comfortable and usable for as many months throughout the year as possible. We have helped many customers over the years by assisting them with choosing the right awning for their homes. With a wide variety of commercial and residential awnings to offer, we’re confident that we have exactly what you are looking for.

Customize Your Dream Patio or Porch Awning Today!

From your style, specific needs, and budget, the team at Kingsford Home Improvements is here to help you choose an awning that will give you the shade and comfort you deserve. Even in the brightest sunshine or on those days when the rain just won’t go away, you can relax outdoors in a space where you’re protected from the elements.

We offer an extensive selection of awning types, including detached awnings, stationary awnings, and retractable awnings that make it easy to either use or store. Plus, with a variety of colors, platings, and valances that we can help you select, your awning will be customized to your exact needs.

What better way is there to create a comfortable outdoor space for friends and family to enjoy while also increasing your curb appeal and adding value to your home? If you’re ready to start customizing your patio awning today, contact the team at Kingsford. We can’t wait to hear from you!